TestRX™ - The Natural Low Testosterone Supplement

Have you lost your

Youthful mojo?

Testosterone acts like rocket fuel for men. Remember when it kicked in during puberty? You grew facial hair, your voice deepened, your muscles developed and so did the size of your penis.

Remember that unceasing sex drive?

As you age, testosterone plummets. You don't have to accept the results:

  • Diminishes your strength
  • Robs your energy
  • Steals your sex drive
  • Keeps you from performing
  • Decreases your muscle tone
  • Makes sleep more difficult
  • Pulls you into depression as a result

Are you ready to reclaim your sense of youth?

Feel powerful, confident and ready for anything.

FIGHT BACK - Naturally

Don't despair about aging and the feeling that your best years are behind you. What if you could combine the vigor and sex drive of your youth with the confidence and experience of middle age?

TestRX is a natural hormone booster that delivers solid results without known side effects. Now, you have a viable long-term way to feel healthier, more energetic - and more masculine.

  • Better Muscle Tone

    You'll regain strength and be more muscular. Ready for the attention?

  • More Energy

    No more sitting on the sidelines remembering 'how good you used to feel'

  • Better Erections

    Get hard more easily and more often. Bonus: Sex promotes testosterone production, so you want to enjoy as much of it as often as you can!

Stimulating your natural testosterone production also helps strengthen your bones and improves your sleep. Feel like the 'young you' again.


Tongkat Ali:

Known as eurycoma longifolia, tongkat ali is a slender evergreen shrub with a brownish-red fruit native to Malaysia and Indonesia and recognized throughout Asia for its aphrodisiac properties.

Malaysian scientists at the Forest Research Institute have been studying the qualities of tongkat ali in a five year collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to perfect what they're calling 'the Malaysian Viagra.'

And, a 2013 study showed tongkat ali to reduce tension and anger and increase testosterone production by as much as 37%.

Bottom Line: Get back what you've lost, naturally.

Brassica Campestris:

Extensive recent studies conducted in Qinghai Province, China have discovered Brassica Campestris to contribute significantly to promoting a healthy prostate.

Bottom Line: Helps protect one of your more vulnerable organs as you age.

Tribulus Terrestris:

Tribulus has been used for centuries by ancient healers as a natural performance enhancer and testosterone booster. Naturally boosting your testosterone levels, Tribulus increases your red blood cell count, resulting in better oxygen transport throughout your entire body. A 2008 study published in Phytomedicine links an active ingredient, protodioscin, to a 52% increase in testosterone.

Bottom Line: Tribulus helps you perform where and when it counts!


A clinical study of a standardized extract of Trigonella foenum-graecum (Fenugreek) on 60 healthy men proved that it had an overall positive effect on physiological aspects of libido. In particular, there was a significant increase in sexual arousal and orgasm.

Fenugreek also demonstrated a positive effect on muscle strength, energy and well-being. It was concluded that Fenugreek demonstrated a significant positive effect on physiological aspects of libido and may assist to maintain normal healthy testosterone levels.

Bottom Line: Fenugreek can improve your sexual response and enjoyment.

Tribulus alatus:

Tests published in the Brazilian Journal of Urology concluded that tested extracts of tribulus alatus showed a significant increase in the level of free serum testosterone when compared to that of corresponding control group and that tribulus alatus extract appears to possess aphrodisiac activity due to its androgen increasing property.

Bottom Line: Increases testosterone production and your interest in sex.


Commonly used in Ayurvedic medicine to treat depression, anxiety and insomnia, Ashwaganda has also been shown to boost semen volume - in some cases as much as 53%.

Bottom Line: Improves your mood, sexual confidence and youthful masculinity.

Vitamin D3:

Commonly used to treat osteoporosis in men, Vitamin D3 contributes to bone health, including maintaining bone density.

Bottom Line: Helps protect your bones, feel stronger (and actually become stronger) especially important as you age.

Agaricus Bisporus:

A potent anti-oxidant and immune system booster proven to be a super-oxide capable of scavenging and eliminating free radicals, reducing tissue damage.

Bottom Line: Helps stay healthy and fight off the ravages of pollution and aging.


What is TestRX?

TestRX is a proprietary blend of herbs and vitamins designed to enhance men's health and reverse some of the inevitable results of aging including:

- Low Energy
- Difficulty Sleeping
- Poor Erections
- Loss of Muscle Mass

Is TestRX a steroid?

Absolutely not. TestRX's active ingredients are 100% natural and TestRX is formulated to stimulate testosterone production, enabling your body to produce more testosterone naturally.

Do I Need a Prescription to Order TestRX?

No. You can order right away and be on your way to stimulating testosterone production and feeling stronger and energetic.

What will TestRX do for me?

Every man is different and natural products like TestRX take some time to be effective - 30-45 days is not unusual. However, TestRX has the potential to enhance your quality of life and promote youthful energy, muscle mass and sex drive.

You may experience more frequent erections, increased energy, better mood, and easier sleep as well as enjoying the confidence that comes from feeling more powerful and in control – of your life and your health.

Is TestRX legal?

Not to be confused with steroids or drugs, TestRX is a dietary supplement that encourages your own natural production of testosterone for healthy and completely legal results.

Is TestRX safe?

Made at a cGMP compliant facility in the United States, TestRX's active ingredients are 100% natural, and of the highest quality carefully selected to create a proprietary formulation that should be well tolerated by healthy men.

Consult with your physician to understand how TestRX might react with medications you're taking currently or any poor health condition you're experiencing.

How Long Will it Take to Experience Results?

This can vary for each individual, but most men report more energy and increased sex drive in about three weeks. You should achieve maximum results in 3-6 months and should experience consistent satisfying results as long as you continue using TestRX.

Can women take TestRX?

TestRX is specifically formulated for men 45+ and isn't recommended for women. Testosterone plays a different hormonal role for women and it would be best to consult a physician if you have concerns about your testosterone levels.

How Long Does it Take to Receive my TestRX?

Express shipping in the continental U.S. arrives in 2-3 days. Regular shipping in 7-10. You can start benefitting from TestRX right away.

What if I'm Not Happy with TestRX?

You have a full 60 day, no-questions-asked satisfaction guarantee. Simply return the unused portion for a refund. Simple and easy. We add an extra 7 days for shipping, so you have 67 days to return the product for a full refund, minus shipping and handling. There's zero risk.

I Have More Questions, Whom Do I Contact?

We're here to help. Customer service agents are available 7 days a week and can be reached toll-free at: 1-866-621-6886.

Try it Risk-Free For 60 Days

You have nothing to lose and a stronger, healthier and happier self to gain. Try TestRX for 60 Days. If you don't feel like you're on your way to renewed health and vitality - a more masculine you - just return the unused portion and we'll refund your money (minus shipping & handling).

We allow 7 days for the return, so you have 67 full days to try TestRX and return it if you don't feel like you're on the road to a new, vigorous you.

TestRX can be your game changer. But you have to use it to know for sure. We've removed all the risk. If you just can't decide, that's all the more reason you NEED TestRX!

You owe to yourself to order today. You have nothing to lose and a more vibrant, healthy, hard self to gain. Get your swagger on.

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