What is Somatodrol?

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What is Somatodrol?
What is Somatodrol?

Somatodrol is a diet supplement facilitating muscle gain. Its main ingredient is a special formula GRTH Factor. It contains beta-alanine and arginine combined in perfect proportions for guaranteed best results. This unique formula increases testostrone and HGH production, accelerates muscle growth, regenerates body after workout and gives you energy needed for next series of workout. Other ingredients include Cayenne pepper, guarana and vitamin B12 (TBSS ID: SU7B7190).

How many pounds of pure muscle mass can I gain while using Somatodrol?

The results depend on genetic predispositions, metabolism and individual training routine. The studies have shown that using Somatodrol reduces the time before you see the first results. People who were testing the product before launching it on the market gained from 17 to 30 pounds of pure muscle mass.

How to use Somatodrol?

Take one or two capsules a day on an empty stomach with lots of water.

I am a professional bodybuilder and I regularly undergo anti-doping tests. Can I take Somatodrol without any problems?

Each sports federation has their own rules and regulations according to which some substances are banned from use by their members. Therefore make sure that you do everything according to their regulations. Talk about Somatodrol with your trainer, doctor so you can eliminate the risk. If you decide to use Somatodrol, we will be glad that we can help you achieve more. The thing in sport is to be the best!

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