Hemp Seed Shop Supplies Top Hemp Products in USA

Hemp Seed Shop Supplies Top Hemp Products in USA
Hemp Seed Shop Supplies Top Hemp Products in USA

Hemp Seed Shop, America’s largest growing hemp seed supplier also offers seed related reviews on their web portal. Visitors can obtain detailed information related to a particular hemp variety before blindly investing on bulk orders.

Ohio, United States of America, 18 November 2013; Hemp Seed Shop is a fast emerging hemp supplier in the United States. The company is a direct supplier of hemp seeds and other products of the Cannabis plant from eminent companies stationed outside USA like Hempflax Industrial Hemp, Sensi Seeds Hemp Seeds and White Label Hemp Seeds. The partner Hempflax is a Dutch company that produces and processes longer lasting items, semi-finished and finished products from ecologically grown fiber of hemp and flax. This company carries out contract farming with crop farmers in the Netherlands and Germany to obtain natural fiber that is fresh and outsources these products to consumers in the United States through Hemp Seep Shop.

A company representative who also happens to be a botanist and an ardent hemp enthusiast added that,

“At Hemp Seed Shop, we make sure that our hemp buyers in the United States can enjoy the nutritional value of organic hemp seed that we bring in from the green pastures of Europe and Canada. We are particularly fond of the products from Hempflax Industrial Hemp, Sensi Seeds Hemp Seeds and White Label Hemp Seeds. Their high-value products are organically grown and have nutritional natural fibre. Such high quality hemp is impossible to obtain in any health food store in this country. Additionally we offer tips related to hemp production at home on our website.”

Furthermore, the company supplies high quality hemp obtained from selectively bred Cannabis plants by Sensi Seeds across USA. Apparently the genes of the Sensi hemp have a unique collection of genotypes which is why their products are the very best in the market today. Moreover these hemp seeds are useful for dietary consumption and medicinal purposes; so they are a distinctive hybrid strain hard to obtain from any other competitor company. These Sensi hemp seeds are exclusively available through Hemp Seed Shop.

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A company spokesperson added that,

“We deal in Sensi Seeds products because the company is one of the first and most respected hemp producers in the world since 1985. We also supply White Label hemp products which are directly routed from Amsterdam. Their products are offered at very competitive prices and are backed by a guarantee of quality. This company is a sister concern of Sensi and hence the nutritional value of their hemp seed products is equally good. Grippingly enough all White Label hemp products are basic, durable, and economical and come in no-frills packaging. Hence, all growers ordering White Label products through us will get utmost satisfaction from their hemp produce.”

For more details on products at this hemp supplier in US, please visit http://hempseedshop.com/.

About Us

HempSeedShop is a wholesale dealer of quality hemp seeds in the United States of America. The company supplies a variety of hemp strains. They also uphold some hemp products from breeders like Hempflax, Sensi Seeds and White Label. Hemp Seed Shop’s website offers hemp seed reviews pertaining to various strains alongside a growing guide. This growing guide holds key information related to pests, safety measures, recycling, fertilization, transplantation and other hemp growth techniques researched by skilled botanists. Experienced users and growers also contribute into different sections in this hemp seed online portal.

About Hemp Seed Shop

HempSeedShop manufactures and markets a wide range of strains of hemp in the US. Hemp Seed Shop offers a range of superior strains of hemp such as the feminized Pure Power Plant, and the feminized Skunk#1. Hemp Seed Shop also provides online forums for sharing reviews and tips on cultivating the plant from the in-house experts. Sections on their site are dedicated to reviews posted by experienced users and growers. Basic Hemp information is also available on the site where those starting out can become familiarized. It even has a section promoting other Hemp seed companies of repute.

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