The Real Secret to Dating Confidence

The Real Secret to Dating Confidence
The Real Secret to Dating Confidence

There are a lot of different materials out there that claim they are going to help men have better luck dating. There are books, videos and programs galore – each of them promising they can make a stud out of any guy willing to follow the techniques they offer. While they may be able to bring about some good results, in the end most men who can approach women successfully are not going to benefit. Even those that struggle are going to have to deal with what happens after the flirting and foreplay gets heavy. The next step is always showing her what you’ve got and if you aren’t pleased with what you have then chances are she is going to have a hard time getting excited about it, too.

The one thing that is going to give you the highest chance of pleasing her, and getting more than one date that ends in sex, is having a penis you are proud of. Why? Because this is going to give you confidence, and when you have confidence in yourself she is going to naturally share that with you. Women have high levels of empathy and they can sense these types of emotions in other people. If you know this then you can take the steps that are needed for you to be able to be happy with your penis and its performance.

Remember, it is not all about size. You can get the best pills on the market and have a massive erection, but without addressing the need for stamina you may find that you are finishing a lot faster than she is. If you can eliminate premature ejaculation and achieve greater control, that is going to let you control the sexual experience for both of you. That is going to allow her to relax and know that you have things handled. When women are able to relax, they can lose themselves in the pleasure of a sexual experience and this is when you really experience the full depth of what they have to offer in terms of their sexual expression.

Guys who know that they have a penis that can satisfy a woman in terms of length and width are going to have that natural swagger.

When they know they have total control over when they orgasm, they are going to be far more confident about any pace of lovemaking. When you know you have the stamina, the power and the intense orgasms to impress any woman you decide to be with, it will become a matter of choosing the partner that fits your needs instead of hoping you can please someone with low expectations.

Get yourself the confidence that comes from understanding your situation and how to improve it. Penis fitness is at a new level of potency these days, so take advantage of the products out there that can give you that edge in the dating world, knowing that as a man you have a lot to offer.

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